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About The National Council of YMCAs of India
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Founded on August 4, 1914

The Indian YMCA Movement is an iconic institution in its own right which since 1854 has been in the forefront of national-building especially, in grooming the “youth of mankind”. The National Council of YMCAs of India since its formation in 1891 has been the apex body of all YMCAs in India and at present embraces over 1050+ YMCAs in India, the Gulf and Europe. Though fundamentally committed to empowering and enabling youth through varied programmes and activities that typify the celebrated symbol of the YMCA, the Red Triangle, denoting equal development of mind, body and spirit which by extension embraces a whole world of developmental activities in the communities and societies in which the YMCAs exist and since 1914 has in a very big way pioneered the rudiments of community development including rural development besides contributing to the lexicon of the Planning Commission of the Government of India since the early ‘50s the phrase “Rural Reconstruction”.

01 Rural Reconstruction-Estd: 1920
Present Status Of the 1050+ YMCAs across India about 545 YMCAs have engagement with rural community involving some 10 million people directly and indirectly.
Projection Expected to increase the reach and to add another 400 within the next 3 years to cater to additional 5 million rural people.
02 Livelihood / Entrepreneurship Development
Present Status In the cities the YMCAs impart career courses and vocational training for different jobs through skills like carpentry, plumbing, electrical-wiring etc. On a rough estimate some 30% YMCAs have such facilities and cater to at least 1% of their location’s population.
Projection YMCA wishes to increase the number and scope of the program and add 10 times to existing number in three years.
03 Physical Education and Sports Development
Present Status More than 75% of YMCAs play active role in the promotion of Sports and Games involving at least 10-15% of India’s population in the 15-35 years age-group.
Projection YMCA has trained staff who are able to scale up to 90%. This will mean an increase of 20 times of the present status.
04 Youth and Women Empowerment
Present Status About 80% of youth and women in every YMCA city, town and village are embraced by YMCA’s outreach. This program is at the heart of YMCA tradition. All YMCAs are mandated to conduct program addressing this issue. Young adults of both sexes and children are covered under this program where leadership and career development activities were focused on.
Projection Expected to increase the outreach of YMCAs by another 400 within the next 3 years to cater to another 5 million young adults from both rural and urban areas.
05 Skill Development and Employment Generation
Present Status About 80% of YMCAs in the urban areas and another 40% in the rural areas cater to vocational training, skill development and entrepreneurship promotion through various skill development programs.
Projection This program can be expanded up three times of the present involvement and bring under its coverage some 100 million youth through 1050 YMCA centers.
06 Swachh and Swasth Bharat Abhiyan
Present Status YMCAs across India have added this dimension to their existing program and it is now delivered through existing physical recreational programs. At present it caters to youth and children of 15-35 years which is about 55% of its members.
Projection It is planned to bring this program into focus by making it independent to cover additional 35% of its members plus the community they serve.
07 School Sanitation Projects
Present Status This program is being indirectly approached through programs of Clean India (Swachh Bharat Campaign) and involves around 25% of the YMCAs touching some 10% of the population in the YMCA target areas in cities and towns focusing on ‘clean hand’.
Projection YMCAs intend to cover additionally 50% to cover the unreached areas/institutions in and around the area they serve.
08 Planned Projects i) YMCA Multi-Sports Complex, Faridabad, promises to evolve into a state-of-the-art games and sports hub.
ii) YMCA Health & Healthy Living Centre intends to promote Health is now taking foothold in Vellore.
iii) Skill development Project at Bhagatpur Cuttack- a facility of about 1200 square feet is best suited to conduct skill training programs.
iv) YMCA Rural Centre and Institute of Rural Development, located at Marthandam, Tamilnadu is established to carry forward the mission of integrated rural development programs.
v) YMCA Boys’ Division Tirupattur is designed to cater to needy rural boys to pursue higher studies and learn life skills to prepare them for the dreams they pursue. Camp Centre at Yellagiri Hills a beautiful picturesque hill stationin Tamilnadu is well equipped to conduct thematic and adventurous camps for different age groups.
vi) Community Health Programs with Poly Clinic and 20 Ambulances across India in most remote areas where health services have not reached yet.
vii) Vocational Training of Tribals for the North-East India ideally suited for a full-fledged Vocational training Centre for Tribal Youth.
viii) Undergraduate College in Pune fulfills the educational needs of the under-privileged.
ix) Sir George Williams Career Academy- based at New Delhi is developed to provide training programs for soft skills, ancillary industries and service sector.
x) YMCA International Centre for Peace Studies (YICPS) Bodhgaya at UNESCO Heritage Site works for peace and reconciliation.
09 Training & Leadership
i) Provides training for full time YMCA Professionals to fulfill the requirement of YMCA in India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and African countries since 1911.
ii) Designs and delivers training programs to equip community leaders on Interfaith understanding, human and social development, justice and peace issues.
iii) Designs and delivers refreshers courses to YMCA professionals.
iv) Conducts research programs for YMCA and for other agencies.
Projection (i) Increase the training programs for youth leadership, interfaith programmes for inclusivism and co-existence to cover 24,000 potential leaders and equip 1050 YMCAs to replicate the training at local level.
(ii) Expand the scope of research, study, evaluation, monitoring and grant management.
10 Archives & Library Recently established Archives & Library are being developed for digitized access, to be linked to research, meetings and conferences as also reading in the country. Archives being developed with additional historical materials being contributed by YMCAs worldwide and India.

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